Vasco Translator E1: Earbuds that translate languages on the go

Vasco Translator E1

See Vasco translating earbuds at work

Vasco Translator E1 are cutting-edge earbuds that translate in real time. They are completely touch-free. This wearable translator will automatically pick up a chosen language and translate it directly to your interlocutor. It’s as simple as that! Vasco Translator E1 will break language barriers for you, helping you focus on your adventures abroad. We give you comfort, secrecy and simplicity, so you can follow the voice of adventure easily!

When will this earphone translator help you?

enjoy time spent

You’ll fully enjoy time spent with loved ones from abroad

Vasco Translator E1 will help you create beautiful memories. With Vasco, you can communicate seamlessly during family celebrations or meetings with friends. See how different cultures come together!

Understand a foreign restaurant menu

You’ll get on even better with your colleagues at work

With Vasco, you’ll feel more connected in a multicultural work environment. Thanks to our translating earbuds, you will socialize with your colleagues who speak different languages, and feel more comfortable at work.

discover the world

You’ll discover the world of opportunities

Are you encountering a language barrier when visiting another country? Take it easy! Our earbuds that translate in real time will help you! Now you can go on a guided tour, take a college or cooking classes, and easily understand your surroundings.

Key features

2 conversation modes icon

2 conversation

Up to 8 participants icon

Up to 10

49 languages icon


Compatible with Vasco Translator V4 icon

Compatible with Vasco Translator V4

You can choose a conversation mode that suits your needs at a given moment. Use 2 earbuds when secrecy matters, or use phone instead of a second earbud in unplanned situations.

Our translating earbuds enable conversations for up to 10 people when using a mobile app. Everyone speaks their own language and hears the answer in the same tongue.

Our earbuds that translate languages will help you understand 49 tongues. This is the largest number on the translating earbuds market.

Earbuds that translate in real time can be used with Vasco Translator V4. This pocket translator will provide free lifetime connectivity for translations, as well as photo translator, text translator, and more cutting-edge features.

How to use earbuds only

You can use 2 earbuds to fully focus on a conversation.

All you and your interlocutor need to do is put them on, and Vasco device will translate every word you say. Thanks to this, you can talk without looking at the screen of your phone or tablet.

When will this solution help you?

  • While chatting with friends and family from abroad
  • During a class or a course in a small group
  • When working in a multicultural environment, to easily talk with your colleagues

Your earbuds, your calls, no limits!

How to use Vasco earbuds with a phone?

Use a phone instead of a second earbud for the interlocutor. This is a good idea when the situation is spontaneous, or you know the conversation will be short.

When will this solution be helpful?

  • When you ask for directions abroad
  • While talking to officials at a border crossing or airport
  • When you want to check in at the hotel reception

How will these translating earbuds help you at work?

Vasco Translator E1 is also great support if you have contact with a foreign language at work.

When will this wearable translator help you?

  • When working with people from abroad
  • When serving a customer from abroad, e.g. in a hotel
  • When performing duties as a public figure, e.g. at a customs office

Easy pairing with Vasco Connect

Set up & manage your translating earbuds with the Vasco Connect app.

  • Easily pair up Vasco Translator E1 with an app
  • Set up a name, language & color of each earbud you own
  • Choose your preferred translation mode

Vasco Translator E1 will be available soon!

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