Enjoying life with Vasco Translator

Voice Translator

Speak 76 Languages

Experience the world without language barriers

Dreaming of traveling the world, but you find language barriers intimidating? Imagine being able to converse easily with locals in their language.

With the Vasco speech translator, you can communicate in 76 languages, instantly! Speak into the mic and the device will listen and translate your words into your selected language.

Our verbal translator comes with free lifetime connectivity. That means no more expensive roaming data. Just reliable, accurate translation, wherever and whenever you need it!

  • Easily translate speech from other languages
  • Ask for directions, make reservations, and inquire about pricing or hotel information abroad
  • Communicate like a native speaker anywhere in the world
vasco device
vasco device

How does the voice translator work?

Translate audio to text, and then to voice again. See how verbal translator works step by step:

You speak into the mic

Automatic speech recognition converts voice to text

The machine translates

Powered by 10 translation engines

Text is converted to speech

Loud and clear text-to-voice translation

The process is easy and fast. Translate voice recording to text or to audio as per your preferences.

Communicate freely with colleagues from abroad

Our voice translator device helps you break language barriers, wherever you go.

Whether you’re on a business trip, consulting with clients, or socializing with friends or colleagues, Vasco makes communication comfortable.

  • Feel confident at international job
  • Thrive in multicultural work environments
  • Discuss details with foreign partners confidently
vasco device
vasco device

No more misunderstandings

Vasco speech translator brings you the most accurate and thorough translations of any device on the market. Our powerful microphone reduces background noise by up to 99%, and the speakers project clearly, even in crowded places.

You can also translate audio with strong loudspeakers (up to 99 dB). This volume can be compared to a shouted conversation, motorcycle or busy street. 

  • Enjoy fluent, natural conversations
  • Accurate translations lower the chances of misunderstandings, especially during emergencies
  • Get your message across clearly and with precision

Speak 76 languages across nearly 200 countries

Vasco speech translator comes with a built-in SIM card, providing free lifetime connectivity for translations.

You can communicate with friends, colleagues, and business people almost anywhere in the world.

  • Stay connected and communicate across nearly 200 countries
  • No data limits or any additional costs
  • A pocket-sized key to understanding the world
vasco device
vasco device

More Than a Smart Translator

Connect with over 90% of the world’s population in 76 languages. Communicate with co-workers from abroad, tourists, and shop owners around the world.

Vasco audio translation device also provides:

Find out more about your possibilities with Vasco speech translator below.

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