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Vasco Translator V4

Universal translator with 108 languages and free lifetime connectivity

  • Voice Translator: Speak in 76 languages
  • Photo Translator: Understand 108 languages
  • Text Translator: Understand 90 languages
  • Free lifetime connectivity: No data limits for translation
  • Fast Working: Translations in ~0.5 sec.
  • Big 5-inch screen: View translations clearly
  • Powerful speakers: Hear translations accurately
  • Durable: Resistant to shocks and splashes of water



Vasco Translator M3

Vasco Translator M3

Pocket Translator with free lifetime connectivity

  • Voice & Photo Translator: Speak in 76 languages
  • Free Internet: Use with no limits for translation
  • High precision: Trust translation of 96% accuracy
  • Fast Communication: Get results in ~0.5 sec.
  • Slick Design: Rely on awarded user-friendliness


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New technology provides instant voice and text translation in over 100 languages


Vasco Electronics worked on the device capable of translating phrases, text on images and speech with up to 108 different languages.


The new device that translates images to communicate with over 90% of the world`s population


Interview with Maciej Goralski, CEO of Vasco Electronics: "Why buy our product? For the same reason as buying a camera instead of settling for a smartphone"


7 ideas for a unique Christmas gift for him. Choose a stylish present.


Maciej Góralski produces electronic voice translators, enabling rapid communication in a hundred languages. It`s worth making people polyglots.


With translator from Poland: here`s how Vasco Translator V4 challenges Google Translator.


By using translation engines, it provides highly accurate, lightning-fast translation. It`s just 0.5 seconds with 96% accuracy.


Vasco Translator V4 translates both conversations and the text on the photos. In this case, using the built-in Sony camera, we select the appropriate focus and take a picture of the text we want to translate.


Reddot 2022
NY awards
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The only portable translator you’ll ever need

Vasco Translators are designed to bring people together by breaking down language barriers. With features like voice, photo, and text translation, our handheld language translators will help you communicate with accuracy and ease.

"It’s the only electronic translator on the market that arrives automatically connected to GSM mobile networks in nearly 200 countries. No SIM card registration, subscriptions, or extra top-up fees required! "

Understand your surroundings abroad

Having trouble understanding a restaurant menu in a foreign language? With the Photo Translator function, you’ll understand everything in one click. Working or studying abroad? Translate work or rental contracts, and understand the fine print instantly.

With the Vasco portable language translator, you hold the key to the world in the palm of your hand.

Handheld translator designed for the modern world

With Vasco portable language translator, you’ll never feel lost in a foreign country again! Communicate like a local from day one. No more heavy phrasebooks, dictionaries, or awkward gestures. All you need is one handheld translator device.

Our intuitive interface makes it easy to use: Just one push of a button, and you start translating! Best of all, the Vasco portable translator is compact, fitting perfectly in your pocket, so it’s always by your side when you need it.

No additional costs

Each portable translator comes with free lifetime connectivity in nearly 200 countries. The built-in SIM card means your translator stays connected worldwide, at no additional cost.

All software is pre-installed, so it’s ready to go the moment it arrives. Everything you need to communicate is in your pocket.