Better care through instant HIPAA-compliant translations

Vasco Translator V4

Features of Vasco Translator V4 that can support HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS

108 languages at your fingertips when patient care is on the line.


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Patient Communication

Converse clearly and diagnose patients more efficiently, regardless of the language they speak. Translations can be printed as PDFs for patient records.

Understand a foreign restaurant menu

Document Translation

Patients and providers are instantly aligned with the help of accurate translations in 108 languages. The built-in camera makes it quick and easy.

discover the world

Meaningful Collaboration

Get the most out of conferences and create more networking opportunities by eliminating the language gap. Global partnerships become seamless.

How Vasco Translator helped victims of war in Ukraine

Vasco Translator played a pivotal role in aiding Ukrainian war victims. We provided around 500 of their electronic translator devices to over 200 organizations across Europe. These devices were instrumental in facilitating effective communication in hospitals, NGOs, and other institutions assisting refugees.

By enabling voice, photo, text, and group chat translations, particularly in Ukrainian, these translators bridged language barriers, making it easier for refugees to receive medical care, participate in workshops, and engage in day-to-day interactions. This initiative underscored the crucial role of technology in humanitarian crises, demonstrating the impact of Vasco Translators in providing essential communication support during the Ukrainian conflict.


Here’s why Vasco offers the best language translator devices on the market:

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HIPAA-compliant data security

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Translate with 96% accuracy

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Capabilities up to 108 languages

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On-demand language expertise


Vasco Translator V4

Bigger screen and ultimate comfort

Vasco Translator M3

Pocket size translator

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opinions about vasco translators

Let me congratulate you on this the best translator in the world! Not only it’s beautifully designed, of highest quality materials and perfectly packaged, but it works great! The Polish engineering at its best!!!!

Some students also noticed that although there were other translation apps available, they were not very keen on using their private smartphones and passing the device from hand to hand (sometimes necessary). Some users also noticed that the device is not only a great translation device but also could be very helpful in learning foreign languages.

Martin A. Malz, MD, LLC

Prof. Gedeon Werner

Internal Medicine,
Board Certified,
United States Civil Surgeon

University of Quinnipiac


Does Vasco Translator require an Internet connection?

Yes, Vasco Translator has to be connected. Our devices can be connected either to Wi-Fi or the data from a built-in SIM card. The data plan is free and unlimited for translation purposes.

Does Vasco Translator require any additional subscriptions?

No, after you buy the Vasco Translator, there are no additional payments or charges. It is ready to use right out of the box.

Is the Vasco Translator a stand-alone device?

Yes, Vasco Translator doesn't have to be connected to an app or a phone.

What's the number of languages Vasco Translator offers?

Vasco Translators offer a different number of languages depending on the feature. The voice translator supports 76 languages, the photo translator supports 108 languages, the text translator supports 90 languages. The full list of languages available here //

Is there a way to test Vasco Translator before making the order?

Yes, we can provide a returnable testing sample.

How does Vasco Translator protect the data of its users?

Our users' data is not shared with any third party for the marketing purposes, nor can it be identified by Vasco. On special request, we can customize our devices to meet special needs in terms of data protection. Ask our sales representative about the opt-out device to get more information.

How can I get the quote?

Based on the number of devices you are interested in buying, our sales representative will prepare a customized quote. Fill in the contact form available on our website, and we will get back to you. You can also send a direct request to

How can I make the bulk order?

Please contact our sales representative at or fill in the form available on our website, and we will get back to you shortly.

What are the payment options?

You can pay for the order using a credit card, a wire transfer, or a check.

Does Vasco have a US-based customer service?

Yes, you can reach us via chat on the website, email, call us at (646) 512-9916, or fill in the contact form available on this website.

Is there a warranty on Vasco Translators?

Yes, all our devices come with a 2-year warranty.

Where does Vasco come from?

Vasco is a US-based company registered in Wilmington, Delaware. We supply US customers from the warehouse based in Delaware. Our headquarters are in Poland, and all our translators are made in Europe.