Help for Quinnipiac University

Vasco Translators for the students of Quinnipiac University

We started cooperation with the Quinnipiac University (Hamden, USA) after they had launched a Student Consulting Project. The project aimed at making communication between international students and academic organizations easier. 

As this initiative is very close to our mission, we decided to support it by sending them Vasco Translator M3 devices.

Problems of International Students

Foreign students encounter many problems when studying in the USA. They may have to learn a new language, get used to a new culture, and make friends in an environment different from their own. All of this happens while trying to achieve educational goals.

As Quinnipiac University understands it well, they decided to make an additional effort to facilitate communication with foreign students and their families.

How Did Vasco Translator Help?

Both academics and students used the Voice Translation feature to communicate with each other. What is more, the students used the Photo Translation feature to better understand their surroundings as well as read the educational materials during lectures. 

This proved especially useful for those who were used to different writing systems, for instance, Arabic students.

The Collaboration

Vasco Translators supported 2 schools: one in Hamden, another in New Heaven. The collaboration lasted for 3 semesters, since 2021 Q3 till late Spring 2022. The feedback from both students and teachers was extremely positive.

“Some students also noticed that although there were other translation apps available, they were not very keen on using their private smartphones and passing the device from hand to hand (sometimes necessary). Some users also noticed that the device is not only a great translation device but also could be very helpful in learning foreign languages.” added Prof. Gedeon Werner from the Unniversity of Qunnipiac.

Whereas the teachers stressed the value of our devices when talking to parents, the students praised Vasco Translators for the ease of usage.

What’s next?

We hope to participate in future projects of Quinnipiac University. Their efforts of making the communication with international students easier is very close to our mission. 

By breaking the language barriers between students and teachers, we make education easier for both of them.