Why buy the Vasco Translator?

8 January 2019

True story. Ukraine. I’m trying to decipher the hieroglyphics in a local restaurant’s menu. I’ve learnt the cyrillic script right before my journey but it takes such amount of time to read it that my friends give up on me. One of them starts to wave his arms showing the waitress he wants a chicken. Then, he shows his leg precising he wants a chicken leg. She understands. I am embarrassed. How easier would it have been if I had Vasco Translator with me. I would have just scanned the text quickly and got everything translated into English. Maybe a little less fun though…

When I first came across Vasco Translator I was sceptical. I remember all that stuff that looked like old-fashioned calculators. I tried it anyway and since then, I can’t travel without it.

In China, I scan the menu and get what I want. In Indonesia, I buy fresh food on a local market without waving my hands around. I just say what I want and Vasco translates it into Indonesian. In Italy (where people surprisingly don’t speak English even if they think they do) I ask for directions to Colosseum and I get there without any problems. This is how helpful a voice translator is.

I guess you’ve never even heard about it so I’ll explain. You don’t type it any longer. You just speak English and this wonderful, handy device understands what you’re saying and translates it and then – speak it out loud! Pure magic!



And I do speak some foreign languages. A bit of Spanish, a bit of French. Still… when in France, I use Vasco Translator just to get the right word I have at the tip of my tongue. In Spain, it really saved my life when a man whom I accidentally hit by a rental bike refused to talk to me in Spanish – a proud Catalan. Thank God Vasco speaks Catalan too. He was so surprised and so amused that didn’t do any trouble.

Speak More Languages Now

If you don’t believe me – try it yourselves. You’ll be surprised how great the voice recognition and translation went. It’s been constantly developed and there are more and more electronic translators on Amazon and other shops.

Why Vasco? Because it was the first. Love from the first sight I can say. But not only. In contrast to other stuff like this, thiDs one’s American and I’m a real patriot supporting American companies – always! Apart from this, it works fast, accurately, and has a wonderful, native speaker-like pronunciation. And the updates are always free! For life!

In a nutshell:

The Vasco Translator is a handheld device that translates spoken words into different languages. It is helpful for travelers who want to communicate with locals in their native language. The device has a voice recognition feature that accurately translates the user’s words. The Vasco Translator is also easy to use and has a native speaker-like pronunciation.


What is the author’s opinion of Vasco Translator?

The author thinks Vasco Translator is a great device that has saved them embarrassment and made travelling much easier.

How has Vasco Translator helped the author in their travels?

Vasco Translator has helped the author by allowing them to quickly and easily translate menus, directions, and conversations in real-time.

Why does the author recommend Vasco Translator over other similar devices?

The author recommends Vasco Translator over other devices because it is accurate, easy-to-use, and free to update.

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