Vasco Translator V4: a new translator device

Vasco V4 release
25 August 2022

After months of continuous work and much effort, we can finally say it: Vasco Translator V4 is here! What’s more, we are proud to share that our AI translator received 2 design awards even before its release:

  • Red Dot Award: the best design in Communication Technology category
  • NY Product Design Award: in the category of Conceptual — Digital, Electronic Devices & Accessories.

But what is it that makes V4’s design so prize-worthy? Check now what you can do with Vasco Translator V4!  

Free Internet for translations in almost 200 countries

Every universal translator needs an Internet access to work. In most cases, that means extra costs abroad.

But not with Vasco Translator V4! It comes with an in-built SIM card that works in almost 200 countries around the world. For free and forever!

Just grab it and talk freely anywhere you are: on a business trip, vacation or when visiting family abroad. Never worry about hidden Internet costs for translation again!

Speak More Languages Now

Young woman using Vasco photo translator.

Speak 76 languages, understand 108 in photos

With each new model, we try to expand the list of languages supported by our universal translator. See the numbers for Vasco Translator V4:

  • Understand 76 languages from speech: get along in a hotel, airport or a restaurant
  • Translate 108 languages from the photos: make a picture of a menu, timetable or a signboard and understand your surroundings better.

In both cases, the translation process is very fast. It takes less than 0.5 second to translate voice, and just a tiny longer for photo translation! Did you know? With V4, you can understand 90% population of the world.

A group of young people talking with each other with help of a translating device.

Speak like a local 

The number of languages is not the only perk of this universal translator.

With Vasco Translator V4, be sure that you are always understood. Rely on clear pronunciation and precise translation (up to 96% accuracy), as Vasco AI translator works with 10 engines. It’s 9 more than any regular app or online translator! 

How does it work? Each pair of languages is translated with the aid of an engine that gives the best possible result.

What’s more, most market solutions translate to English first, and only then to the target language. This results in poor quality of all translations.

But with the best predefined engine, our devices always translate directly to the target language. Vasco Translator V4 follows this legacy. Be sure that you’re saying exactly what you mean!

Men's hand in a business meeting holding a translator device.

Translate text and chat messages

With Vasco Translator V4, you can translate more than just voice and photos.  Use a digital keyboard to enter text and translate it in 90 languages  

What’s more, this universal translator has a MultiTalk application, where you can create a multilingual chat with up to 100 people

How does it work? Each member chooses their preferred language, in which they can send text & voice messages. The application does all translation on the go, so everyone receives messages in their own language!

Note: The big 5-inch screen makes it easy to navigate comfortably when using the digital keyboard. Still, for the voice translation, feel free to use physical buttons on the side of the device.

Learn new languages

Our goal is not only to make communication among people easier, but also to spark the passion for languages as they are.

That’s why Vasco Translator V4 is more than what meets the eye: you can also learn languages with it!

Choose among 28 most popular ones and learn their vocabulary on the digital flashcards. Practice the spelling and correct pronunciation!

Man in the woods using photo translator.

Feel secure wherever you go

Vasco Translator V4 is a trustworthy companion on any trip, and not just because you feel safer when you can understand your surroundings.

Now, you also don’t have to worry about dropping your device or exposing it to external factors during your travels. Vasco universal translator is resistant to shocks, dust and splashes of water.

Take it with you on a hike, for canoeing or safari and be sure that it can endure hardships of any adventure!  

Vasco Translator V4: get yours today!

Understand your surroundings, make connections and feel secure on your travels. Choose a universal translator in your favorite color, and feel at home everywhere you go!

In a nutshell:

Vasco Translator V4 is a new translator device that has many features to make communication easier. It has an in-built SIM card that works in almost 200 countries around the world, and can understand 76 languages from speech and 108 languages from photos. It also has a clear pronunciation and precise translation (up to 96% accuracy), as Vasco AI translator works with 10 engines. Additionally, it can translate text and chat messages, and even has a function to learn new languages. Finally, it is resistant to shocks, dust and splashes of water, making it perfect for any adventure.


What is Vasco Translator V4?

The Vasco Translator V4 is a new translator device capable of understanding 76 languages from speech, 108 languages from photos, and 90 from text.

What are the design awards that Vasco Translator V4 won?

The Vasco Translator V4 has won prestigious design awards, including the Red Dot Award in the Communication Technology category and the NY Product Design Award in the Conceptual – Digital, Electronic Devices & Accessories category.

How can I use Vasco Translator V4 to learn new languages?

You can utilize the Vasco Translator V4 to learn new languages by selecting from 28 popular languages and using digital flashcards to learn vocabulary.

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