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8 July 2022

As business and communication stretch further and further beyond borders, there is an increasing need for high-quality translation. While traditionally experienced translators were hired to produce content in foreign languages, using a translator app can offer a quicker and cheaper experience for private users and businesses alike.  

But with so many apps available, which one is the best free translator app to use? In today’s article, we’d like to introduce you to some useful free tools for translating that will help you communicate with people coming from foreign cultures, while also giving you the ability to learn as you go.

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Translation apps for free — what features should you look for?

Before we move on to the actual list of apps, let’s first discuss the features that every good language translation app should have. Computer-Assisted Translation is constantly evolving and improving — here’s what to look for in completely free translation apps.

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One of the most important features free translation apps should have is the ability to provide an accurate transcription of what the app detected being said. Voice recognition technology is still being developed and improved, and errors in translated words can still happen. Make sure your app of choice features the ability to edit the transcription before translating, allowing you to correct misheard words and sentences.

Speech-to-speech translation isn’t the only thing you should look for in some of the best free translation apps. Translating documents on the go can be just as important, especially if you’re using the app for business purposes, where documents and other digital files are used frequently.

Thirdly, ‌aim for a language translator app that offers storage of previous translations for record keeping. While this feature is hardly ever available in any free translation app, some apps have in-app purchases that add storage for historic records. Unless you are 100% sure you won’t need to access previous translations, this feature is an absolute must.

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What’s the best free translator app?

Translate Now is one of the most popular free translation apps, offering plenty of useful features. The app is available exclusively on iOS and allows for voice and camera translations, along with AR translation features that can substitute words and sentences with their translations in real time.

Translate All is a great app available on both iOS and Android devices, featuring text and speech translations functionality. While the app might lack in features that would make it appropriate for business uses, its user-friendly interface and ease of use make it a perfect companion for trips abroad.

Google Translate is probably the most well-known translation app available for free, able to automatically detect over 100 languages in text translation. For speech translation, Google Translate currently supports over 30 languages, and its Google Lens feature can translate text on signs on the go. The app is fully free and features no in-app purchases, offering translations across apps and one of the world’s most advanced machine translation engines.

TripLingo is definitely one of the best translation apps for business purposes, offering the swap between formal and informal speech, and even supporting slang. It also includes a variety of educational materials that can teach you about the local language and culture of the country you’re traveling to. Most of the features, however, are hidden behind a paywall — a monthly subscription is necessary to unlock full functionality.

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Translation apps vs. electronic voice translators

While a free language translator app can be helpful in casual conversations, they often lack in features when compared to electronic voice translators. In contrast to apps, high-quality electronic translators offer an extremely high translation accuracy, with no additional apps being required and no in-app purchases.

These devices are easy to use and offer an intuitive user interface, allowing you to communicate with the locals comfortably wherever you go. Be it a simple trip abroad or an important business conference, electronic voice translators are definitely the way to go if you’re looking for a quality experience.

While mobile translation apps are limited by the specs of your phone, dedicated electronic voice translators offer precise microphones with advanced noise reduction solutions. They use a variety of translation engines for maximum efficiency and accuracy, and offer native-like pronunciation in many languages. Their battery life is also significantly larger than a phone’s, allowing you to use it wherever you go without constantly having to charge.

The benefits of using a Handheld Translator

If you’re looking for a professional translating experience, choosing an electronic translator might be the right way to go — apps for translation might come in handy in a pinch, but their functionality is often severely limited.

A state-of-the-art handheld translator like the Vasco Translator M3 can be the perfect business trip companion in a foreign country, offering access to 70+ languages, along with unlimited lifetime Internet access using the included SIM card.

With 96% translation accuracy and up to 99% noise reduction, the Vasco Translator M3 can help you speak your mind freely – don’t let any language barrier stop you!

In a nutshell:

As business and communication continue to expand beyond borders, there is an increasing need for high-quality translation. In the past, experienced translators were hired to produce content in foreign languages. However, with the advent of translation apps, private users and businesses can now enjoy a quicker and cheaper translation experience. When choosing a translation app, it is important to look for features such as accuracy, speech-to-speech translation, and the ability to store previous translations. Some of the best free translation apps include Translate Now, Translate All, and Google Translate. While free translation apps can be helpful, they often lack the features and accuracy of electronic voice translators. Handheld translators like the Vasco Translator M3 offer a professional translating experience with 96% accuracy and up to 99% noise reduction.


What is the most accurate language translator app?

DeepL Translator is thought to be the most accurate translator app when it comes to translating text and speech. However, most people still choose Google Translate over other solutions on the market.

Is there a better app than Google Translate?

Microsoft Translate and DeepL are considered strong alternatives to the Google Translate application.

What is the app that translates live conversations?

Google Translate can translate by speech, but only if your device has a microphone. You can also translate voice with the DeepL translator app.

Is DeepL or Google Translate better?

When we look at users’ opinions on various Internet sites, DeepL translator app is thought to be faster and more accurate than Google Translate.

Is there an app that translates in real-time?

Translate Me, Google Translate, and DeepL all are able to translate voice in real time.

Is Google Translate for free?

Yes, Google Translate is an app offered free of charge.

Can I turn my phone into a translator?

Your phone can translate only if you install applications that were designed to provide such a service.

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