Holidays in December? Not Such a Bad Idea.

Holidays in December
22 December 2022

Where to travel in December? This is a good question. Especially, if you have a feeling that this year’s summer holiday season passed as quickly as a jet plane.

Don’t worry — All is not lost! Holidays in Winter are a good idea too!

Why? Let’s find out!

From spending winter in Italy to marveling at breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps and sunbathing in the Maldives, we will find out where to vacation in December.

In this article, you’ll discover:

  • Where to travel in December.
  • What are the best warm places to visit in December.
  • What are the destinations for cold weather lovers.
  • What are the best places to visit during the Christmas holidays.

Let’s start!

Destinations for warm weather lovers

December is one of those months when the winter is not yet there, but the last rays of the autumn sun seem to be gone forever.

Given the fact that not everybody finds this aura too appealing, we’ve prepared a list of warm places to visit in December.

So let’s put ski resorts and Christmas markets aside for a while. We’re going to see some sun! Here are some of the best warm places to visit in December.

Holiday Season in December: the picture of Maldives.

Holidays in December: Maldives

To kick off the list of warm places to visit in December, let’s go to the Maldives.

Spending a holiday season in a warm place is always a good idea. And the Maldives is heaven on Earth all year round.

However, December marks the beginning of the dry season, which makes spending your holidays there even better.

Why? Because of low rainfall, lots of sunshine, dry heat, and low humidity.

There are some lovely hotels to stay at, in addition to pristine beaches to relax on.

It is definitely a perfect destination for those who love warm weather and a bit of tropical aura.

Holiday Season in December: St Barth's, Caribbean.

Holidays in December: St Barth’s, Caribbean

Next on the list of warm places to visit in December, we have the island of Saint Barthélemy. It is also a good place to visit all year round. However, winter months are the most preferable. Read further to see why!

December marks the start of the dry season at St Barth’s, which lasts up to May. Also known as the “lent season”, this particular period of time is marked by perfectly warm temperatures, refreshing breeze that blows from the ocean, and low rainfall.

Apart from the perfect weather, this place is also known for its calm waters, pristine beaches, and comfortable lifestyle. So, if you hate winter months, this is definitely a perfect destination.

In addition to all that, this small island boasts a variety of beach clubs, luxury restaurants, and five-star resorts. Nightlife is included!

Unfortunately, December is not considered the off-season at St Barth’s. So if you want fewer crowds, visit this island during Spring.

Anyway, we highly recommend spending your Christmas holidays (and more) on St Barth’s island. It is one of the best warm places to visit in December.

Holidays in December: Portugal in winter season.

Holidays in December: Portugal

This location is not as warm as the others on the list, but it’s still warmer than other parts of the world in December.

So, Portugal in Winter: what it’s like?

weather in Portugal in winter

During the day, temperatures are around 15°C, while during the night they fall down to 8°C. What’s more, in Portugal there are around 300 sunny days in the year, so you’ll probably see a clear sunny sky in December.

The mood gets even warmer in Portugal in December, because of the approaching Christmas holidays. There are lots of attractions, festive decorations, and holiday markets.

So, Portugal in winter is pretty beautiful. We highly recommend that you visit this country in December.

Holiday Season in December: Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Holidays in December: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Next on the list of warm places to visit in December is Dubai. The weather cools down a little, but it is still warm, so if you want to spend your winter vacation in the sun, this is a place to go. But that’s not all…

The temperatures in December vary from 19 to 25ºC, which makes the stay in Dubai not only bearable but desirable too.

In addition to that, there are numerous sales of holiday decorations, along with beautiful (and tall!) Christmas trees.

You can also enjoy Safari tours, marvel at Dubai’s modern skyline, and visit Palm Jumeirah, one of the biggest human-made islands in the world.

One of the Dubai must-visit attractions is also Burj Khalifa. Scraping the sky at 828 meters high, this majestic construction is currently the highest building in the world.

All in all, Dubai is definitely one of the best warm places to visit in December.

The view at the Pyramids in Giza.

Holidays in December: Egypt

Next on the list of warm places to visit in December we have Egypt.

It is thought that December is one of the best months to visit Egypt. The temperatures are cooling down a bit, there are some special events and the atmosphere seems festive. What’s more, there’s practically no such thing as Egypt winter.

Egypt, however, attracts slightly more people in December than usual. So, if you’re not a fan of big crowds, you should consider visiting Egypt during a different season.

The same applies to the costs. They usually go higher in December.

What to do in Egypt? Well, first of all, you need to visit the marvelous Pyramids in Giza. You can also marvel at the Great Sphinx or cruise down the Nile River.

You also shouldn’t miss such historical sites as the Tombs of the Nobles, the Valley of the Kings, and the Temple of Osiris.

All in all, if you want to spend your Holiday in December in Egypt, it is definitely worth doing so.

Holiday Season in December: the picture of Costa Rica.

Holidays in December: Costa Rica

Last (but not least) on the list of warm places to visit in December is Costa Rica. This is one of the most peaceful and warm countries in Central America. It attracts a lot of travelers who look for a Cast-Away-Like experience.

The country boasts lush jungles, abundant wildlife, and majestic volcanoes. The most popular of all these giants is Arenal Volcano.

December is also the best time to spend time on Costa Rica’s beaches. Mainly because we can marvel at humpback whales heading south in search of warm waters.

This country is definitely a great place to visit in December, especially, when someone is looking for something more than warm weather and calm beaches. By going there, you can also find a piece of mind and truly rest from your daily life.

Costa Rica also boasts a number of beautiful national parks, so be sure to visit at least some of them!

All in all, it is one of the best warm places to visit in December.

Destinations for cold weather and Christmas season lovers

December is usually considered an off-season period in most travel destinations, especially in the warm ones.

Here however, we’ll discover places that may welcome bigger crowds. On the other hand, because of the Christmas season, you can feel a lot of that spirit in the air in all of the places we’re about to mention.

The biggest Christmas tree in the world in Gubbio, Italy.

Holidays in December: Gubbio, Italy

Spending winter in Italy is good for at least one reason — the Christmas holidays are approaching.

What’s the weather in Italy in winter like? Well, it’s cold. However, despite the fact that Italy in winter is getting quite severe, there’s a warm glow of Christmas lights and trees in December all over the country.

There’s, however, one place especially worth visiting: Gubbio.

This medieval town located in central Italy takes a spotlight each year on December 7 as it lights the biggest Christmas tree in the world!

The tree is an arrangement of lights located on Mount Ingino. The view is breathtaking, as you could see above.

So if you’re wondering about spending winter in Italy, we highly recommend that you do so. Maybe it’s not one of the best warm places to visit in December, but it has other advantages.

Holidays in December: Snow in Split.

Holidays in December: Croatia

How about spending winter in Croatia? While the north of Croatia is getting snow and ice treatment, the Adriatic coast experiences heavy rains. Nevertheless, winter in Croatia seems rather mild.

But where to go in this country? To be honest, there’s something to experience in all parts of Croatia in December.

The Christmas holidays are approaching, so it’s a good time to visit festive markets and marvel at festive decorations in Dubrovnik and Zagreb.

Zagreb in winter is especially beautiful because of ice skating rinks, Christmas trees and holiday markets all over the city.

You will also, however, feel the strong spirit of the Christmas holidays in Split, Zadar, and Rijeka.

For the fans of fewer crowds, it may be good to visit Plitvice Lakes, as they are more popular in the warm months.

All in all, this country is a great place to visit all year round, but Croatia in December may be even warmer thanks to the festive decorations and Christmas markets.

Winter in New York City.

Holidays in December: New York City

Is there even a need to introduce the legendary New York City? If you’re looking for a place to spend the Christmas holiday, then New York City is probably the best choice.

From the picturesque Rockefeller Center tree to theatrical window displays in Fifth Avenue department stores, this place is cinematically festive. So, if you want to feel like a Christmas movie star, pack up your things and go to NYC.

It is also highly recommended to plan holiday shopping in both NYC malls and smaller shops. There are some of the top products that can be treated either as gifts for someone else or for oneself.

For a complete Christmas holiday experience, book a room at the Plaza hotel, with a view over Central Park.

Spending a holiday season during winter months in the village of Zermatt.

Holidays in December: Zermatt, Swiss Alps

Spending the Christmas holidays in mountains is always a good idea. Ski resorts, snow-covered slopes, and picturesque small villages are only some of the perks of spending holidays in December in such a winter wonderland.

You can also marvel at the breathtaking views of the massive and majestic mountain peaks. And we have just that in the village of Zermatt.

While staying there, we can get a pretty good view of the sixth-highest mountain peak in the Alps: Matterhorn.

Zermatt is also a popular ski destination. The snow-sure slopes in this ski resort can meet the requirements of even the most strict skiers.

Strasbourg during the Christmas season.

Holidays in December: Strasbourg, France

This city is believed to be the Capital of Christmas. It may be because it hosts a beautiful festive market that is famous around the world.

It is held on the medieval island of Grande Île, located in Strasbourg’s city center.

Dating back to 1570, the market includes stalls selling toys, mulled wine, hot sausages, and more. In addition to a multitude of holiday decorations and Christmas trees, there is also an ice rink and other attractions.

Strasbourg is a great place to visit all year round, but it’s especially beautiful at the end of November and early December. This is when the Christmas market usually takes place.

Fesstive market in Kraków, Poland.

Holidays in December: Kraków, Poland

The former capital of Poland makes the festive season even more magical. You can feel the vibrant holiday cheer all around the medieval Main Square in the city center as soon as the Christmas season starts.

There is a Christmas market with stalls selling toys, traditional dumplings, pork knuckles, and more. You can also visit the city’s cellar bars to taste some of the best vodkas in the world.

Apart from that, Kraków has pretty vibrant nightlife thanks to a variety of bars, nightclubs, and pubs.

There are also some great ski resorts nearby. It’s because of the proximity of the city to mountains, with the majestic High Tatras included.


Spending your holidays in Winter is definitely a good idea. Most popular places are not as crowded as they would be in the summer months, and some of them are even better to visit during the winter months.

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Happy holiday season in December!

In a nutshell:

If you’re considering spending your holidays in December, you have several great options. From Italy and Croatia to the Maldives and Dubai, there are plenty of warm places to visit. December is also a great time to visit the Swiss Alps and New York City, both of which are filled with Christmas cheer. You can also enjoy the festive season in Gubbio, Italy, where the world’s largest Christmas tree is lit up. Meanwhile, France’s Strasbourg is known as the “Capital of Christmas” for its beautiful market and decorations. Lastly, Kraków, Poland, is a great place to visit for its festive market, vibrant nightlife, and nearby ski resorts. To make your travel experience easier, be sure to carry the Vasco Translator with you. This device eliminates language barriers and provides free lifetime Internet in nearly 200 countries. Enjoy your holiday season in December!


What is the best warm place to visit in December?

The Maldives is a great warm place to visit in December, as it marks the beginning of the dry season with low rainfall, lots of sunshine, and low humidity.

What is the most popular Christmas market to visit in Europe?

Strasbourg, France is considered to be the Capital of Christmas, as it hosts a beautiful and famous festive market that dates back to 1570.

What is the best device to use when traveling abroad?

The Vasco Translator is the best device to use when traveling abroad. It eliminates any language barriers and allows you to speak with locals like a native by understanding up to 108 languages. It also provides free lifetime Internet for translations in nearly 200 countries.

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