IFA 2019 Consumer Electronics Unlimited. Berlin, 6 – 11 September 2019

3 September 2019

IFA 2019- the largest consumer electronics trade fair in Europe- kicks-off on September 6th 2019 in Berlin. The fair is a must for anybody interested in modern technologies and their increased application in our daily lives. Vasco Electronics could not miss the opportunity to take part in the event.

The technological progress we have been witnessing over the recent 100 years is indeed amazing.

The nice gentleman we can see in the middle of this picture is none other than Albert Einstein himself. The picture was taken in August 1930 at the opening of Internationalle Funkausstellung Berlin also known as International Radio Exhibition Berlin– one of Europe’s oldest technological trade fair. A look at the history of the fair makes us realize how long is the way mankind has travelled on the road towards technological progress in such a short time.

The first edition of IFA took place in 1924. Organized under the motto: “The development of radio engineering“, the fair was held in 4 halls rented for the event, all of which hosted 242 exhibitors. Even then the fair was quite an event.

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Whereas in Germany the year 1924 marked the beginning of the so called Goldene Zwanziger (The Golden Twenties), in Poland it witnessed the introduction of the Polish Zloty and foundation of the Bank of Poland.

9 years later, in 1933 the fair was held under the patronage of Joseph Goebbels- Minister of Propaganda of the Third Reich. This edition witnessed the presentation of the Volksempfänger (people’s receiver)- a radio-receiver designed by Otto Griessing and commissioned by Goebbels. More than 100 000 receivers were sold at the fair for the price of 76 Reichsmarks each.


The 1935 edition of the fair saw AEG present its first practical tape recorder, whereas the 1962 show witnessed Philips develop the cassette tape- a product still present in many households.

Each year IFA witnessed presentations of the latest technological developments. This has remained the case to this day.

In 2019, 95 years after the first edition of IFA, the show is considered the largest technological trade fair in Europe.

IFA 1924




The 2017 edition hosted 1805 exhibitors from all around the world.

The 2019 edition is likely to attract even more participants. The year’s attendees will also include Vasco Electronics- a manufacturer and distributor of electronic voice translators. Their devices are becoming more popular with every year, while Vasco has established itself as the leading company in the electronic voice translator sector. Visitors to Vasco’s booth at the IFA will have the opportunity to test Vasco Mini 2- the company’s flagship voice translator or the brand new Vasco Translator Neo.

The rapid growth of the voice translator industry goes hand in hand with the development of modern translation and voice recognition technologies.

We warmly invite you to visit the booth of Vasco Electronics: hall 7.2C/125

In a nutshell:

IFA is a yearly event that showcases the latest in technological advancements. This year, Vasco Electronics will be in attendance to display their latest voice translator models. With the ever-growing popularity of such devices, Vasco has established themselves as the leading company in the market. If you’re interested in voice translator technology, be sure to stop by their booth and test out their products for yourself.


What is the motto of IFA?

The motto of IFA is “The development of radio engineering”.

When was the first edition of IFA held?

The first edition of IFA was held in 1924.

Who was the patron of the 1933 edition of IFA?

The patron of the 1933 edition of IFA was Joseph Goebbels.

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