Tomasz Stomski

Tomek Stomski Author of Vasco's US Blog

He brings 20 years of managerial expertise, making him a specialist in Agile software development and strategic planning. A graduate in IT Business Management, Tomek champions Servant Leadership and the Kanban method to cultivate a culture of empowerment. At the core of his work is the creation of impactful hardware and software products. This translates (sic!) into his commitment to innovation and organizational culture.

Vasco Translator V4: a new translator device

Vasco Translator V4: a new translator device

After months of continuous work and much effort, we can finally say it: Vasco Translator V4 is here! What’s more, we are proud to share that our AI translator received 2 design awards even before its release: Red Dot Award: the best design in Communication Technology...

Multilingual-conversation made easy

Multilingual-conversation made easy

The MultiTalk App is the first app for multilingual group conversations. Use it to communicate in 105 languages with up to 100 people. It gives you native-like pronunciation and 96% translation accuracy. MultiTalk is the perfect solution for international business...


Vasco Translator V4 

Universal translator with 108 languages and free lifetime connectivity

Vasco Translator M3

Pocket Translator with free lifetime connectivity